Fonté  Cafe and Wine Bar Seattle WA

Fonté Cafe and Wine Bar Downtown / Seattle WA

Two weeks ago (actually on the 2nd day of summer in the rain) I met with the author of  the Seattle Coffee Scene blog. We met @ Fonte’ Cafe and Wine Bar downtown—across the street from the Seattle Art Museum. This was the perfect place to relax and talk ‘coffee.’  It was indeed fun to share our common coffee ‘grounds.’

Here’s a bit of what was posted last week :

“Okay, I’ll be honest. When I first started my quest to find Seattle’s best coffee art, I wasn’t thinking acrylic or mixed media, exactly. But when the chance came to meet an actual café artist, I simply couldn’t resist. Marsha Glazière’s art work is not only beautiful, culturally significant to Seattle, and historical in nature, it is quite possibly the most expansive collection of cafe paintings in the world. “

For me, finding a kindred spirit within the NW coffee realm, was special.  I am flattered to have been included, along with my book, as part of the Seattle Coffee Scene. The author and I both agreed that ‘coffee time’ is a large part of how we do come together (all of us) as kindred spirits….sharing ourselves as well as our coffee.

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  1. The pleasure was all mine! You’re work is a fascinating and significant project and I appreciated the time you took to sit over a cup of coffee and talk about art and culture. Please keep me posted! I encourage everyone to get the book when it comes out!

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