HUMAN TAPESTRY is visual prospect for international peace and the continuation of life on our shared planet. The eleven female figures represent various countries and political ideologies. Each is draped in her own flag, her own nationalism, seemingly separate and distinct from that of any other country.

While each flag is a symbol of a reciprocal system of language and customs of the people of an individual nation, it also serves to define geographic boundary lines on the earth. The flag then becomes a symbol of separatism rather than alliance. Instead of recognizing our common human bonds and celebrating our universality, we see ourselves as isolated, and often superior to one another.

Realizing that our human commonality far surpasses any subscription to a particular doctrine or need to control the earth’s resources, may allow us to reach within and beyond our borderlines, eventually eliminating catastrophic hostility and the perceived need for territorial and ideological dominance. [M.G]

  • Dimensions

    192″w x 69″h x 16″d

  • Medium

    Acrylic mixed media in relief on/off canvas [ four 3-Dimensional panels]

Human Tapestry was reproduced as a banner for the Women’s March Florida/Jacksonville Chapter in 2018.