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The Mandolin Cafe in Tacoma was filled with eclectic  inspiration. The artfully crafted fireplace mantel, undulating wood tables supported by nature-inspired steel branches—created an imaginative and lively coffee spot. Most tables were meant to be shared, which contributed to the Mandolin being an extremely friendly spot. It was an easy place for folks to share coffee or wine and conversation while listening to all kinds of music, played by seasoned as well as emerging musicians, who played regularly.

It took many years (and a few different owners) for the Mandolin to develop a loyal following and super-size vitality. It had a true sense of community. Hopefully the music will play on in a new venue —SOON.

My book was ready to go to press and just this past Sunday I was informed that the Mandolin was closing! This is indeed sad news for Tacoma coffee and music lovers (and me). The building was sold and a new sushi bar will replace an iconic Tacoma institution. I was lucky to share the Mandolin’s last night open mic night. [The Mandolin remains in my book.]


The Mandolin Cafe — an eclectic COFFEE Spot

You will be missed !


  1. Thank you for paying tribute to this worthy spot. I wish I could have had more time to spend there, but am grateful to have at least been able to discover it for a short period before it closed: it gave a bit of extra brightness to my life before returning to my sometimes dark place of residence . . .

    • Thanks Anna,
      Let’s hope that the wonderful energy created here can be re-established in another location in Tacoma. I’m glad that you were able to experience the brightness you describe. It is now part of you to be sure.

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