Las Tres Mujeres

The three women – (left to right) Our Lady of Guadalupe—Patroness of Mexico La Virgen de Soledad—Patron Saint of Oaxaca Frida Kahlo—20th Century Mexican artist In her drawing “Las Tres Mujeres” Glazière honors the sacred feminine of Mexico culture with Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of Mexico, and Virgen de Soledad, Patron Saint of Oaxaca…


The Venus of Willendorf is a mere 4.4 inches tall, made of limestone. It was discovered in Willendorf, Austria around 25,000 years ago. My drawing of this treasured historic figurine exaggerates her size and celebrates her universality as the Goddess she is considered to be. Dimensions 32w x 40”h MediumConté colláge on toned paper