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“DON’T PUSH THE RIVER—it flows by itself”—I posted this inspiring Zen book  title by Barry Stevens on my Facebook page and shared a drawing posted by a good friend of mine who lives in  Spain. She always has  inspiring drawings and words of encouragement.

But, as I read the comments I  received about my Olympics Perspective  post (mostly via email), I realize how we as people sometimes need to ‘push the river’—pushing our own boundaries while encouraging and inspiring each other—as people, as friends and as colleagues, sometimes as strangers and often in profound ways.

Friendship and connection are increasingly vital in our ever changing e-charged world.  Through my paintings I have always aspired to portray human concerns and conditions. Creating a blog is enabling me as an artist to open lines of verbal dialogue with viewers which I usually don’t get to experience. [ Once a painting leaves the studio and heads for  the gallery, I rarely get to see it in its  new home. ]

In researching coffee spots for my book, I discovered much more than eclecticism and great coffee—I found people seeking and finding community, sharing conversation, and enjoying coffee—shoulder-to-shoulder.

This past Sunday night 60 Minutes featured the  Classical Symphony Orchestra in Kinshasa, Congo (one of the poorest countries in the world). Thanks to a man of great vision—founder and conductor Armand Diangienda (an ex-airline pilot) and two German filmmakers—many people in Kinshasa were taught to read music and play a full ensemble of donated


Glazière drawings of musicians – Mandolin Cafe in Tacoma

instruments. Many of these had to be restored. These  talented and passionate musicians did ‘push the river’ and absolutely exemplify how lives can be enriched and transformed with the help and inspiration of each other. You can learn more about the Kinshasa Symphony on their website: http://www.kinshasa-symphony.com/


  1. Marsha,

    I saw this 60 minutes orchestral story as well. Amazing!! Thomas Mann wrote about “art” as a
    complete escape from the world in which we dwell and a portal to the world we inhabit as
    quickly as we find the key.

    Marsha’s art world is so vast. I’m amazed how adept she is at moving from fine art to tech
    art, sculpture, clothing design and more! Love the art in the coffee book. I respect the
    dedication she gave this project. Truly a work of one who has moved through the portal
    and holds the key.

    • Thank you Harriet for such a sweeping endorsement. I appreciate your words and totally agree with you (and Thomas Mann) that art allows us to escape our world and expand our horizons. Visual art and music enrich our humanity and enable our spirits to unite globally.
      I feel extremely fortunate to be able to do what I love—to follow my creative path and share my thoughts and images with others.

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