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“Tucked away in the not too long ago cobble-stoned alley between 15th Ave NE and University Avenue, Cafe Allegro is the oldest coffeehouse in Seattle, founded in 1975. When Cafe Allegro opened, it quickly became a mecca for those seeking a truly robust cup of coffee and there were few if any options to get such coffee in Seattle. Allegro became what coffeehouses were originally intended to be, both historically and globally—a place where people come together in conversation, and mutual coffee enjoyment. A variety of entertainment, readings and other community forums are always on the agenda.”

Caffè Fiore Seattle

Caffè Fiore

The Boiler Room (in Port Townsend) is a non-profit drop-in center for young people to hang out, enjoy each others’ company, and have a cup of drip coffee for just one dollar.”

Throughout Puget Sound there are many eclectic and welcoming coffeehouse environments that allow us to ‘feed our friendship.’  Sometimes the furniture itself facilitates camaraderie. “Caffè Fiore (in the Golden Gardens area of Seattle) opts not to provide wi-fi, hoping to encourage a more neighborly feeling among its coffee loving customers.”  The large oak tables are meant to be shared. The Poulsbohemian (in Poulsbo) serves as a major hub for locals to play Mahjong, share poetry, attend writers’ workshops, or participate in movie discussions while enjoying their coffee and cranberry oatmeal cookies.

Northern Pacific Coffee Company Tacoma

Northern Pacific Coffee Company Tacoma

[And] “Within twenty minutes of being at NPCC, I felt like I was a ‘regular.’ The atmosphere is more than friendly, with people dropping in and hanging out, who clearly feel at home here and share the vibe. ”

These are just a few examples of how coffee enriches our palates while helping to create a state of connectedness between us—a significant component of the coffeehouse experience.

Disclaimer: I borrowed this title from a Chili’s restaurant ad. I replaced lunch with coffee.



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