To me, the Dames Point Bridge resembles a huge sailing vessel, featuring what appears to be four enormous white sails. No wonder, since Dames Point got its name from Captain Charles Dames who used the surrounding land for his ship-building plantation. But it is officially called the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward Bridge after a river pilot who went on to become Governor of Florida from 1903 to 1905. This modern cable-stayed bridge, over two miles in length, spans the long and winding St. Johns River and is among the largest bridges of its kind in the country.
I consider Dames Point Bridge to be the most elegant of the bridges I painted in my series. Driving this bridge is especially thrilling while looking in the rearview mirror back at such a picturesque sight on the horizon.

  • Dimensions

    48″w x 48″h

  • Medium

    Acrylic, mixed media on canvas